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Fwd: Noise & Children

Here's something I picked up off the "acoustic-ecology" mailing list.

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From: Kevin Max Krebs   <kkrebs@sfu.ca>
To: acoustic-ecology@sfu.ca (ae)
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 15:14:14 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Noise & Children
I found the following article in the Vancouver Province yesterday -- 
Noisy Chaos `Hurts' Kids
  West Lafayette, Ind. -- Parents who hope the help thier children 
adjust to stress of everyday lige may want to turn down the noise at 
  A Purdue University psychologist says kids who come from highly 
noisy or chaotic households can experience delayed language skills 
and increased anxiety.
  Theodore Wachs has studied environmental influences on 
early-childhood development and helped create a questionaire to help 
parents measure the level of "noise confusion" in their home.
  Waches says children need some queit space at home and some sense 
of order.  Otherwise, they're more likely to have trouble adjusting 
to changing environments outside the home, such as daycare centres.
  The effects can vary with the temperament and sex of a child, he 
  "Those who have the most trouble . . . are boys who are intense, 
fussy or negative."
  Wachs recommends parents stop using the TV as a source of 
background noise and help their children establish a quiet place 
where they can retreat -- even if it's only a closet-sized space.

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