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Re: Quiet-List F.A.Q.

In a message dated 97-06-01 14:23:28 EDT, David writes:

<< The definition of noise itself is highly subjective. To some 
    people the roar of an engine is satisfying or thrilling; to 
    others it is an annoyance.   Loud music may be enjoyable 
    or a torment, depending on the listener and the circumstances.  

      No doubt,  loud "music" provides temporary satisfaction 
      for those who must have it.  The same can be said for 
      cigarette smoke.   Both types of temporary satisfaction
      can do long-term damage for those addicted, and harm
      can be inflicted on others while the addictees are nourishing
      their short-term needs.

      Science can measure and report on the damage done
      to people by excessive noise.   This is what we right-to-
      quiet advocates must focus on, for the issue cannot be
      dismissed as "subjective" or "a matter of personal taste."

            -- Michael
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