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Re: Raising Public Awareness

Hi Michael,

>     Yes, I do mind being blasted while in a store.  I especially
>    ... Lately merchants in the OU campus area have taken to
>     mounting stereo speakers on the overhangs above the
>     sidewalk, and broadcasting their junk noise into the public
>     air.  That is even more objectionable.

 We are in the last stages of a complete ban on 
smoking in some          malls in North York. 
Smoking is not permitted in any of 
the              shopping areas nor the food 
court. For some strange reason it _is        
permitted in restaurants that are a few metres 
away from the food        court! I've contacted 
the authorities to understand the 
logic            behind this. Their reply: As 
long as the restaurant has a                
washroom and walls it's OK. Makes perfect sense 
don't you think?                   

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