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Re: World Health Organisation - Community Noise

Hi David,

>  I'll post whatever I find 
> out about it to the list.

  Look forward to hearing about your results.
>  I once checked through 
> 30 years of "Psychological Abstracts" at a university library and 
> didn't find anything that would help me convince my boss at work to 
> get the company to turn off the paging system in our work area.

Maybe you should try what I did at work. I was 
blasted day in and day out by the school 
bell going off at the end of periods 
that  was located _inside the class a few 
feet behind me (never  measured the 
sound but it was easily 100 dBA or more). On top 
of that I had to put up with the speaker 
firing at me with announcements 
throughout the day.                                        

Solution: one day after school when most had left 
the building, I  climbed up on a desk, 
disconnected the bell and put up 
muffling in front of the speaker but behind the metal grill. I 
should have done it a year earlier!

- Eric

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