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Re: Raising Public Awareness

In a message dated 97-05-30 07:14:57 EDT, you write:

<< They're great quotes, including the last one. Now if we can just get the 
 present Surgeon General to come out with a similar but more specific 
 statement about noise and its health effects and make mandatory labeling
 of loud equipment/machinery/signals etc. 
  a la cigarette packages, then we'd be on the road to a quieter world!
  20 years after the former Surgeon General made his statement noise has 
 more than doubled worldwide and is even more of a serious problem today.
  I hope that in less than 5 years time, labeling products for their dB 
 level will be mandatory worldwide.

     These are good suggestions but we need more.  My wish list:

         1.  A Surgeon General's report on noise which would make
              as big a splash as the report on smoking

         2.  health warnings on noisy products

         3.  noise-related health education in public schools

         4.  outlaw boom cars

         5.  prohibit merchants from blasting their stereo noise into
              the public air

         6.  upgrade animal control ordinances and practices to
              minimize the threat to health presented by barking dog

         7.   enact & enforce upper decibel limits for all public events   
               where amplifiers are used

                      -- Michael Wright
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