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Re: Introducing myself

Hi David,

>   Did your musical studies include "Ear Training"? 

    Well my music studies were very unorthodox. Most everyone I know took 
music in high school; I didn't! I was too busy practicing guitar on my 
own and playing in a rock band. Guitar wasn't taught in high school in 
those days and I wasn't interested in traditional band instruments.
    I began my formal music education in university, years after my first 
degree, at age 25. I used to annoy a lot of my classmates as I would 
arrive late to class most mornings, in the middle of an ear training 
session, jump in in the middle and still pull off better marks than them 
when the little tests were handed in. I think it annoyed my professor too 
    Today when I teach music at high school I always include ear training.
I think it is invaluable knowledge for musicians and non-musicians alike.
It makes people more discerning listeners. Isn't that what we are trying 
to do with our noise efforts?

> I'm glad for the education, but I sometimes wonder if I'd be less 
> concerned today if I'd never had it.

  Very difficult to say. But it brings up a very good point that I have 
trouble dealing with ethically each day. Every person who has contacted 
our group with a noise problem has become more sensitive to noise than 
before their problem started. I believe that once one becomes "noise 
aware" there's no turning back. It's because of this that I have somewhat 
of a guilty conscience trying to make the public as a whole, noise aware.

                     - Eric

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