Quiet-List 1997

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Re: Burglar Alarm Noise Torture

Hi Ray,

> We are thinking of lobbying central government to force legislation accross
> all councils with laws containing something along the following lines:
> The new laws must be explicit and watertight and carry appropriate, fixed,
> penalties. These must be severe enough to ensure that they are not regarded
> as business expenses and must include:
>       mandatory noise abatement notices;
>       minimum fines, progressive for further violations;
>       Impounding of animals;
>       Confiscation of noise sources;
>       Breaking and entering to disconnect faulty alarms;
>       Closing of premises
>       Disconnection of electricity.
>... give evidence in court. The charging authority, the municipality, or the
> police, must provide the evidence if required.

  I'm totally for this type of legislation. I feel that torturing 
countless victims in this way is a heinous crime and should be dealt with 
as such.

    - Eric

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