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Movie volume levels


 This sound bite from today's Globe will probably 
catch your     fancy. As is usually the case, the 
media are so far behind the   times. At least 
they published it. It's a start:                 

Social Studies 

 Noises off                                                      

 Recent news about the movies:                                   

"It's not your imagination," writes Desmond Ryan 
of the          Philadelphia Inquirer. "The 
decibel level [in movie theatres] is rising. 
Critics may argue that movies are getting dumb 
and       dumber. But they have also gone from 
loud to louder with the     advent of high-tech 
digital sound systems in the 90's." Before   
digital sound, film sound never exceeded 85 
decibels; a survey ofthree Philadelphia theatres 
found a minimum volume of 84 decibelsin the first 
12 rows and two films were as loud as a 

The second sound byte talks about filming on 
location in Los     

"... One of the annoyances is that people have 
trouble           distinguishing movie gunfire 
from real gunfire."                 

   - Eric

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