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RE: Must-read newspaper a

 Annette, David is the one who is responsible for  making "pun" headlines 
an important issue with me. This goes back a couple of years ago.
 David, a few months ago I whipped off a letter to the editor of a local 
computer paper for  trying to be "cute" with almost every story headline.
They published the letter with edits, the major one making a pun for the 

> A simple, straightforward 
> headline such as: "Enjoy the Silence", "Quiet Retreat" or "Silent 
> Retreat Center" would easily have worked just as well and been more 
> informative.  The cliche "silent treatment", meaning to shun someone
> by withholding conversation, is entirely inappropriate but still more 
> of a "kick" for the editor who probably takes great satisfaction in 
> contriving such puns. 

    I couldn't agree with you more. 

- Eric

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