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Re: A tax on noisemakers?

Federico Miyara wrote:
> Kathleen,
> >Maybe we should push for a special tax on noise-making machines and
> >devices. That might be a start.  If it weren't for the motorcycles and all the motorized gardening machinery, my city would be a real paradise.
> Although this move would probably mean that manufacturers might arrive to a trade-off between tax and noise control expenses, I think that it is not philosophically a good idea. That would mean that health and welfare may be traded for public funds. It 
ore for it, even if it is actually harmful to their health.
> I think that it would be probably better to compel manufacturers to make investments in technology capable of producing quieter equipment.

I agree that it would be wonderful if we could give a gentle nudge to
the greedy corporate guys who manufacture loud noise-making devices and
that they in turn would respond by fixing things...but it ain't gonna

There is a small but sizable number of individuals who love making
noise, being obnoxious, being loud, etc.  They may constitute maybe 10%
of an entire population, but in this country that's a pretty upscale
market that most manufacturers would never ignore. There is a youth
cash-cow out there that drives the car-stereo amplifier business and the
ultra-bass rap (etc.) business and enables them to thrive.  

Now, this stuff is expensive, of course (at least the stereo side is),
but since so many Mommy and Daddy's are buying junior/juniorette their
own cars AND paying for insurance (rather than making the kids drive the
family car and thereby teaching them something about responsibility
before they ever own a car), it leaves the kids with a ton of
discretionary income (sonme actually work to augment the allowances
their parents freely bestow) with which to purchase accessories for
these cars/motorcycles that destroy any semblance of peace and quiet.

Manufacturers know this, and they have no reason to stop...as I said in
my last post, 90% of this country simply stands around and LETS it
happen to them.  Waiting for big business to change that which is
working because "its the right thing to do" is like waiting for that bus
that just ain't coming.

I understand you were referring more specifically to noises such as
"tire growl" that probably could be remedied, but I suspect that tire
noise isn't just about the tires but also about how the roads are
paved.  In all, fixing this problem would take a lot of coordinated
effort, a ton of cash, and a lot of public outcry...all of which will
not happen.  I say the heck with it: tax the offenders.

Bob S.

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