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Re: Sound/Music

Ray Hattingh,

>    I personally am not primarily concerned with loudness, I simply do not
>want to hear (or feel) these hideous noises and their accompanying
>vibrations - they are "vexatious to the spirit". How do we get the
>legislators to realise this?  
>    I am convinced that physical science alone cannot provide the answers
>and we need to involve other players - come on quiet-list, any ideas on who
>and how and where?

It's not the law the main reason for which there are relatively few murders.
It's education, which in a systematic and a non systematic fashion makes 
people believe that murder is wrong, that it's a bad thing.

In the same way, I think that education is the key to quiet. Law cannot ban
something that cannot be proven to be dangerous or unconvenient to
individuals or the society. And it's extremely hard to prove that certain
individuals may be driven to hysteria by even very soft noises. For
instance, a leaking tap in the nigthtime will certainly impede me to fall
asleep. Education, on the contrary, may allow people to realise that noise
is harmful even if it hasn't been yet scientifically proved.

Anyway, I'd be glad if we achieved that at least those facts which are
already well established (and there are quite a few!) be acknowledged by 
the society. I don't care for legislators. I believe that with an adequate 
social conciousness there is no need for any law. I think there is no 
regulation obliging individuals to bath or to brush their teeth. But they 
know that it's convenient to do so and do it. 

But if you expect to address legislators, let people--not doctors--knock at
their doors. And that takes conciousness, which in its turn takes
educational efforts. 

Best regards.

Federico Miyara 



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