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Re: Motorcycle Noise - What about Tire Noise?

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-09-05 15:00:42 EDT, you write:
> << The "circle of noise"  from just one of these bikes
>     easily takes in over two thousand front  yards like
>     mine.  There is no possible justification for any person
>     to make *that* much noise for mere personal transportation.
>   >>
>   I wholeheartedly agree.  In my community the bikers
>   get away with making all the noise they want along
>   with the boom cars.  I don't know why the police don't
>   enforce against them.   Maybe it's going to take a federal
>   anti-noise program with special grants for noise enforcement
>   to get anything done about it.
>        -- Michael Wright

Road Noise.  I guess I've become so fixated on my anguish with the "boom
cars" that I've ignored this menace.  My brother drives an SUV (hell,
doesn't everybody?) and agrees he is part of the problem.  SUV's, far
more than standard cars, produce an enormous amount of tire growl that
will not easily be diminshed by any science.  Barring a change in
society's need for these big vision-impairing, gas-hogging menaces,
we'll be dealing with more and more tire growl.  Matter of fact, I've
become so damned irritated trying to see through-over-around SUV's that
I'm planning on buying one myself.  And thus do I become the problem...

Motorcycles are a p-i-t-a too, but around here they're few and far
between.  Hopefully it stays that way.

And this brings me to my real beef.  Trucks.  Hey, I'm not getting into
some trucks vs. trains philosophical mumbo-jumbo -- trucks go where they
have to and that's fine with me.  But what really has become a bother
are the number of 18 wheelers flying along restricted streets.  In my
suburban Philadelphia neighborhood we have a 25 MPH (yeah, right,
somebody actually enforces it) street with that "local delivery only"
sign that's supposed to keep trucks the hell out of our neighborhoods
but never does if it interferes with their route planning.  

Repeated complaints to the local PD has proven useless, as even with
names and license plates the problem just continues.  [Fascinating, as
the road is narrow -- and there is a serious blind spot where north and
south meet -- and some of these trucks are simply too big to fit in the
lane, so one of these days...BOOM!].

My point (hell, its late) is that the people who LIVE on the affected
road don't complain.  Imagine living in a home that's 60 years old and
you've got a 10+ ton vehicle cruising past your front door doing 50
making all the pots and pans fall off their hooks...now imagine that not
only does this happen, you actually have a local ordinance that protects
you from it and...YOU DON'T COMPLAIN!!  So what we have are people who
have become so convinced that noise etc. will interfere with their lives
and that they are powerless to stop it that they just try to ignore it
and suffer in "silence."

Bottom line: 90% of the population lets the remaining 10% (aka: the
idiots) intrude upon and interfere with their lives and their pursuit of
happiness.  Only when that 90% says "enough" and complains loud enough
to local politicians, pulls a few arms out of sockets (yes, that will
grab someone's attention), writes congressmen, and refuse to be
intimidated will the problem stop.

Bob S.

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