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Re: Low Frequence Noise Sufferers Assn?

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997 20:34:32 +0200, 
Ray and Julie Hattingh  <leemond@ilink.nis.za> wrote:

>...I know that low frequency/rythymic/repetitive/non-melodic/loud-or-soft
>sounds hurt my body, and my emotions, and my mind, and my spirit - I can 
>FEEL it...  I simply do not want to hear (or feel) these hideous noises 
>and their accompanying vibrations - they are "vexatious to the spirit".
>How do we get the legislators to realise this?  ...come on quiet-list,
>any ideas on who and how and where?

   Sounds like how I feel about helicopters.  Everytime I hear that 
shuddering, rumbling sound coming on I simply cannot ignore it.  I 
have to stop whatever I'm doing until it passes.  When things are 
otherwise quiet, that can take a long time.  Being inside doesn't 
really help either.  It comes right through the walls and makes the 
windows shudder.  I doubt if the pilots ever even think about the 
people they're affecting.  All they see are streets and trees and 

   Lately, I've considered finding out what radio frequencies they use 
and buying a radio so I can yell at them: "Hey! There are *people* 
down here!  Cut it out!".  Model rockets or a laser beam might get the 
same message across, but could land me in jail too.  I've even 
fantasized about renting a big searchlight to shine at them as they go 
over.  I like to think that if only everyone who was bothered by noise 
would just say so, loudy, immediately and directly, that alone would 
take of the problem.  That's always been true anyway, but now, with so 
much noise coming from so many sources, many of which are anonymous 
and impersonal, people just don't know how to voice their feelings 

   From time to time I hear about a group called the "Low Frequency 
Noise Sufferers Association" (LFNSA).  If anyone has contact 
information on this group, could they please send it to me?   
Hopefully they're not just concerned with things like the "Taos Hum" 
or the "Bristol Hum".  If so, they've probably given the low-level,
low-frequency noise problem considerable thought and may have some 

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org
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