Quiet-List 1997

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RE: Must-read newspaper articles

>>  After you have finished puking from that article, feast yourself to 
>> today's Globe and Mail article entitled "The silent treatment" in the 
>> Travel section D1. (Wed. May 21).
>  Sorry about that.  It is difficult to tell whether the article is a 
>genuine treat or not, from the above.
   Yes.  I (still) wish editors would get over the idea that every 
headline needs to be some kind of pun or wordplay.  It demeans and 
confuses the issue (not to mention the reader) and makes finding 
useful information in archives a lot more difficult.

   The once venerable "fourth estate" now seems to think of itself 
as just another kind of entertainment.  A simple, straightforward 
headline such as: "Enjoy the Silence", "Quiet Retreat" or "Silent 
Retreat Center" would easily have worked just as well and been more 
informative.  The cliche "silent treatment", meaning to shun someone
by withholding conversation, is entirely inappropriate but still more 
of a "kick" for the editor who probably takes great satisfaction in 
contriving such puns. 

   David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org

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