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Re: Sound (music?) as a behaviour modifier

In a message dated 97-09-02 04:07:34 EDT, Dave

<< If possible,  they would then saturate the planet with 
   these "good" sounds, and think it a boon to mankind.  
   Personally, I would think it hideous. >>

   I think that quiet is good, and I certainly don't like
   the idea of having an elite group determine what is
   "good sounds" and then forcing the rest of us to
   hear them continually.   Many of us already feel
   as though we are forced to often to hear other's
   selections of supposedly "good sounds."

    Nonetheless, not just on an aesthetic basis, I think 
    some sounds are better than others.  Researchers
    at the University of California several years ago
    published an article in Nature based on an experiment
    demonstrating temporary elevations in IQ for subjects
    who had listened to a Mozart piano concerto prior to
    the measurement.  

    I think that a continual "acoustic diet" of "bad sounds"
    probably does contribute to feelings of aggression.   I
    will admit that I haven't studied the literature in the area.
    I know, from my own experience, that bombardment from
    unwanted bad sounds can certainly make me angry.   

               -- Michael Wright
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