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Grim Future Ahead?

People do things to make a living, but at
the end of one's work day, what kind of life
is becoming available on this planet?

Except for the super-rich who can build gated
communities in remote areas free of pollution, 
boom cars, and other aggravations the rest of 
us experience, even the affluent are vulnerable
to having their lives ruined.

You can buy a beautiful house in a quiet suburb
and later discover that boom car drivers have the
power to tell you when you are allowed to sleep.

A pig farm can locate upwind from you, and your
choice will then be to move or live with the stench
forever.   The odor traveling through the air does not
discriminate between rich and poor.

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds.  We have 
recently been greeted with the media extravaganza
accompanying the robot's exploration of the surface 
of Mars.  The taxpaying public is being hyped to pay
for a manned mission.

Where will we be by mid-21st century?   Will the most
privileged elites of earth,  no longer satifisfied with gated
communities, have built for themselves a pristine domed
colony on Mars, so that they can operate earth by remote
while the rest of humanity, reduced to sub-human stature 
and completely subordinated to devices, endures the 
stinking pit to which earth has been reduced?

   -- Michael Wright
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