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Noise murder

.From the Victoria Times-Colonist, Sept. 18:

VANCOUVER (CP) -- The survivor of a shotgun massacre that kiled three of 
his friends in July says a six-month grudge over rap music led to the 

Donny Oliveira was seriously wounded and his three soccer buddies died when 
a gunman blasted them at a campground outside Kitimat, on British 
Columbia's central coast, July 12.

In an interview Wednesday from Kitimat, Oliveira said it all started in 
January with complaints from another man about rap music he and his friends 
played at the community gym thay all frequented. The problem escalated into 
physical confrontation in March. And there were death threats, including 
one the day of the shootings.

Oliveira said he and his friends didn't take them seriously until a pickup 
truck followed them into the campground the night of the shootings.

"We were just getting out of our car," he said. "We seen him coming but 
never thought anything. He came out of his truck, came round the truck and 
I seen the shotgun in his hand. He didn't say a word. As soon as he turned 
the corner he just started shooting."

Mark Teves and Michael Mauro, both 20, and David Nunes, 21, died in a hail 
of shotgun pellets. Oliveira was badly wounded but survived.

Keven Vermette, a 42-year-old loner who disappeared from his home at a 
Kitimat motel the night of the shootings, is charged with three counts of 
second-degree murder and one of attempted murder. Despite a massive police 
search in the bush surrounding Kitimat, no trace of Vermette has been 

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