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RE: Must-read newspaper articles

>> Give us the gist of the Globe article, please, Eric.
>  After you have finished puking from that article, feast yourself to 
> today's Globe and Mail article entitled "The silent treatment" in the 
> Travel section D1. (Wed. May 21).

  Sorry about that.  It is difficult to tell whether the article is a 
genuine treat or not, from the above.
  I'm happy to say that it is. A rare sanctuary  to escape everyday noise 
is revealed.  The secret hideout is called Loyola House and is  north of 
Guelph Ontario. It is a silent retreat centre sometimes described as the 
"Guelph Centre of Spirituality". The writer describes in detail how the 
visitors make a concerted effort to respect the silence of the resort, 
where speech is even frowned upon!

  - Eric

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