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RE: Must-read newspaper articles

Give us the gist of the Globe article, please, Eric.

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Subject: 	Must-read newspaper articles

  Check out the Toronto Star Thursday, May 15 paper, Fast Forward Section J
"Sounds of summer " article. It's got quite a few "gems" in it:

 "a primer on getting the most out of outdoor audio"
 "audio deprivation"
 "For boaters, lots of amplifier power is a must, plus speakers that can 
  handle it - especially bass."
 "For most outdoor listening purposes, a boombox is your best bet. They 
are cheap, versatile, simple to use, and have decent fidelity."
 "To minimize bothering neighbours, rather than use just two speakers, 
set up a number of speakers around the backyard and play them at lower 

 After you have finished puking from that article, feast yourself to 
today's Globe and Mail article entitled "The silent treatment" in the 
Travel section D. (Wed. May 21).

             - Eric

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