Quiet-List 1997

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Noise Torture

In a message dated 97-05-16 15:02:35 EDT, Ray Hattingh wrote:

<< Some years ago I came across the following, “About 2000 years ago the
 Chinese discovered that noise can be used for torture. Criminals were
 subjected to the constant ringing of bells which first drove them crazy and
 then killed them.”  >>
   I have recently been invited to have a personal discussion with
   the local police chief in order to talk about noise problems.

   I have heard about noise torture.  Does anyone have any references
   to hard copy sources about this?  I would like to find an authoritative
   reference I could photocopy and hand to the police chief.

   Chaning the subject a little, this morning I heard on NPR a child
   psychologist talking about music and its effect on children and
   infants.   She talked about how, when pregnant, she went to a
   party where loud music was playing, and she could feel the
   8-month fetus responding in the womb to the thumping bass.
   She talked as though this was just dandy, as though the little
   fetus was just "grooving" to the music.   Of course, I was outraged,
   but I was in my car and didn't get the phone number of where to
   call to make comments.

   Did anyone else happen to hear this?

    -- Michael Wright

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