Quiet-List 1997

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RE: Radar Backup Alarm System

Hi Peter,

> These new devices either alert the driver, or turn on the beeper, or both, 
> when an obstruction is detected.

  Yes, if it works as it is described, and I don't see why it shouldn't 
(it is a very simple engineering design) it should be adopted worldwide.
I would imagine other companies would quickly copy the design principle, 
as it probably couldn't be patented. Even if it could, I'd say best of 
luck to RASINC or whatever the company's name is, for coming up with the 

  Now we'll just have to start spreading the word to governments here and 
there. This is the type of thing that should be legislated. Lord knows 
these trucks and heavy vehicles make enough noise even without the backup 
beepers; they just make a bad situation worse.

BTW, your winmail.dat... it's B A C K   A G A I N... <g>

  - Eric

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