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RE: Radar Backup Alarm System

This looks really cool.

I found the story on their home page interesting, about the man who got 
killed because he had got so used to the beep-beep that he just ignored it. 
These new devices either alert the driver, or turn on the beeper, or both, 
when an obstruction is detected.

The local parks/works department equips even light pickup trucks with 
backup beepers. I've noticed they're starting to appear on automobiles too. 
Imagine being in a shopping mall parking lot with every car beeping as it 
backs up!

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

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 The following WEB site was brought to my attention recently and has an
excellent solution to the terrible problem of loud backup signals on
trucks and large vehicles!


  Eric Greenspoon  (CCAN Vice-President)

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