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FW: Seattle Police & Motorcycles

This is from Cathryn Vandenbrink of Sound Rights. Cathryn, you have to 
learn how to post to the list! This kind of news is encouraging to all of 
us -- the first part, anyway.

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

From: 	Cathryn Vandenbrink[SMTP:cathryn-v@msn.com]
Sent: 	Friday, May 30, 1997 9:50 AM
To: 	Bruce Flory; Katherine Olson; David Brugman; Ed Marquand; Gene & Sari 
Lipitz; Dave Huffman; James Rymsza; Ed Turner; Joe Reiner; David Mahler; 
Mike Rees; Judith; Sandy Rock; Peter Donnelly
Subject: 	Seattle Police & Motorcycles

If you watched the news last night or read today's paper you will see that 
police department is responding to the huge number of complaints from 
disturbed by loud motorcycles.  This is the work of two dedicated officers 
got the support of the West Precinct Captain to work on this issue.  They 
be bombarded by publicity that is in favor of the bikers.  In the media 
are portrayed as nice professionals out having a good safe time.  There is
little mentioned about the price to be paid by those in their path.  Please 
you have a moment today.  Send a letter, fax or email to newspapers, TV
stations, whatever you have time for in support of the police action.
Especially send a letter of support for these officers (Jason Kasner and
Stuart Coleman) to: 	Captain Tag Gleason
 	610 Third Avenue
 	Seattle, WA  98104
If we don't support them on this issue the pressure from the other side 
win and we will continue to suffer from illegal unwanted noise in our 

Thanks for helping out.


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