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Re: Raising Public Awareness

In a message dated 97-05-30 21:44:51 EDT, Eric writes:

<< 5.  prohibit merchants from blasting their stereo noise into
 >               the public air
  They're all great and quite workable. I'm not quite sure what was meant 
 by number 5. You don't mind them blasting their patrons in their store? 
 Or do you consider this public air/property? >>

    Yes, I do mind being blasted while in a store.  I especially
    object to loud stereos in bars and coffee shops, since at
    an earlier time of my life I experienced much good conversation
    and conviviality in these atmospheres.

    Lately merchants in the OU campus area have taken to
    mounting stereo speakers on the overhangs above the
    sidewalk, and broadcasting their junk noise into the public
    air.  That is even more objectionable.

        -- Michael Wright
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