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World Health Organisation - Community Noise

In respose to an e-mail I received the following from the WHO:-
   Dear Ray Hattingh:
   Details for the most recent WHO guidelines on noise as follows:
     Community Noise (WHO Environmental Health Criteria document)
     edited by Birgitta Berglund and Thomas Lindvall
     1995, xv + 200 pages
     ISBN 91 887 8402 9
     Issued as Archives of the Center for Sensory Research, Volume 2, Issue

     1, 1995
     Copies available from:
     Stockholm University
     Department of Psychology
     Attention: Dr. G. Gunnarsson
     S-10691 Stockholm
     Tel:  +468 16 38 57
     Fax: +468 165 5 22
     I hope you are able to obtain a copy without too much difficulty.
     Mary Kay Kindhauser
     Promotion Officer, WHO publications
Has anyone read a copy of this document?

Ray Hattingh
27 21 531-6781
P O Box 111
Howard Place
Cape Town
South Africa
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