Quiet-List 1997

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Re: Burglar Alarm Noise Torture

In a message dated 97-05-25 14:00:40 EDT, Ray wrote:

<< There is a need to protect the victims of noise pollution against the
 aggression of, and victimisation by, the noise perpetrators and therefore
 there must be no need for the complainant(s) to be identified or to have to
 give evidence in court. The charging authority, the municipality, or the
 police, must provide the evidence if required.   Perhaps if we start
 at this level we may land up with a reasonable compromise.... >>

   I agree with this whole-heartedly.  Are you in Canada or the UK?

   Regarding faulty burglar alarms, I think that laws should be passed
   prohibiting their sale unless the products have been tested and
   have demonstrated safety against false alarms.   The testing
   should be done by independent researchers, and the results should
   be published in peer-reviewed journals.   Unless such standards
   sale of these products should be outlawed, and all deficient products
   installed in homes and autos today should be confiscated.

   These products are a serious public health hazard.

	     -- Michael Wright

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