Quiet-List 1997

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Re: Burglar Alarm Noise Torture

Hi Michael      
Having been subjected to something similar a while ago I can only
I cannot understand how others in the neighbourhood can stand it, I have
asked more than if they are not perhaps dead from the neck up...
The UK apparently has a law allowing and requiring the police to break in
and disable the alarm in these cases.
The various councils, both officials and councillors, have differing levels
of concern (vested interests?) about these matters and one of the officials
in charge of a (severely depleted) noise control section describes his
superiors' attitude to noise pollution as "gutless".
We are thinking of lobbying central government to force legislation accross
all councils with laws containing something along the following lines:
The new laws must be explicit and watertight and carry appropriate, fixed,
penalties. These must be severe enough to ensure that they are not regarded
as business expenses and must include:
	mandatory noise abatement notices;
	minimum fines, progressive for further violations;
	Impounding of animals;
	Confiscation of noise sources;
	Breaking and entering to disconnect faulty alarms;
	Closing of premises
	Disconnection of electricity.
Ideally they should be under the jurisdiction of municipal courts and the
right to appeal should be curtailed.
There is a need to protect the victims of noise pollution against the
aggression of, and victimisation by, the noise perpetrators and therefore
there must be no need for the complainant(s) to be identified or to have to
give evidence in court. The charging authority, the municipality, or the
police, must provide the evidence if required.
Perhaps if we start negotiating at this level we may land up with a
reasonable compromise....

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