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Re: Introducing myself

On Wed, 14 May 1997 10:08:55 -0400, 
Tim Lannan   <tlannan@pipeline.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am president and founder of a local neighborhood
>group in NYC, Neighbors Against N.O.I.S.E. (Noxious Odors Incessant Sounds
>and Emissions), which is dedicated to eliminating noise and other pollution
>in the Tribeca West Historic District, a small neighborhood in lower
>Manhattan.  Our current, primary focus is one building in the center of the
>neighborhood that is a major telecommunications hub -- with lots of computer
>equipment and thus, many air conditioners and diesel-powered emergency
>generators -- that generates and ever-increasing amount of noise. 

Hi Tim,

   Here's a message I came across on DejaNews.  Sounds like someone
who's working on the same kind of problem as you.  I notice this 
person is Mayor of the town.  Might be worthwhile getting in touch.  
He may have some information you can use.

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org

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I need some advice:

  I am the Mayor of a small town near an airport which hosts a defense
contractor who works on JSTARS jets.  They use heating and air 
conditioningmachines on carts to cool/heat the interior of the 
aircraft.  These contraptions emit a constant, maddening (to some) 600 
Hz coherent whine whichcan be heard a mile away.  We hear this up to 
16 or more hours per day, day and night.
  After our complaints, they claim that they are running below the safe
noise levels permitted by law and industrial regulations.  True, the 
levelis very low in our neighborhoods, and the danger to our eardrums 
is negligible, but the impact on the psyche is very evident in some 
residents (elevated blood pressures, inability to sleep, etc.)  The 
constant, pure, unchanging tonecan be like Chinese water torture to 
some.  Like a mosquitoe flying aroundyour head continuously every 
night which you cannot swat.  It can pierce its way through closed 
windows and doors.  It is especially noticable when the ambient 
background noise is otherwise very quiet. 

  Does anyone know of any studies or information sources which reveal
the hazards of such unrelenting sounds, even at low levels, with 
regard tosleep, blood pressure, psychological effects, stress, 
concentration, etc.?  

  I need some good research references and some solid, health-related 
arguments we can take to the authorities to get them to muzzle these 
things.  Are there any publications or studies related to the health 
or psychological effects of constant, unchanging, pure tone noises of 
a relatively low level (i.e., below OSHA or gov't norms for danger to 
the ears)?

  Please email to "jam2904@aol.com" or "james119@digital.net".

  Thanks!  Jim M.

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