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RE: Gilding the lily

>>> That sounds nice.  I grew up in a world where you could
take for granted going into a place and having a conversation.
That seems like such a simple, ordinary event, doesn't it?

Yes, it's sad that such little pleasures should be so hard to find.

I keep thinking about the movie "The Hustler", which I saw again a few 
months ago. There are all those tense scenes in pool halls where the dialog 
stands out against the silence. Hard to imagine it being set in any pool 
hall of the 1990s.

>>>  What do "pipedown" cards say?

We have three cards, for three different situations. They are addressed "To 
the Manager". In brief, they state:

1. I enjoyed the ambience because of the lack of piped music; please don't 
introduce it.
2. I didn't enjoy the ambience because of piped music & am less inclined to 
3. I left without buying anything. Please turn it off and I'll come back.

I've only given out four or five of number 1. Office Depot is the only 
major store in Victoria that I know of that doesn't have music; they were 
pleased to get the card and said they had no intention of introducing it. 
In Seattle I awarded one to the University Bookstore (although their UW 
souvenirs department has multiple television sets, the book department is 
blessedly quiet). I find music in bookstores particularly appalling; this 
is surely one place where you want to concentrate on the matter at hand.

These cards are available free to our members.

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

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