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Re: Gilding the lily

In a message dated 97-06-29 20:28:29 EDT, Peter writes:

<< Today my son and I took a little ferry-and-car trip up-Island.
    We found a  nice little old-fashioned restaurant right by the
    water and sat by an open   window where butterflies came 
    to the flower boxes. There was no music, and  it was really 
    wonderful to be able to sit there are hear nothing but the 
    sounds of a seaside town and our own conversation. I gave 
     the lady one of  our complimentary "pipedown" cards and 
     she said normally they had the radio  on -- country-and-
     western. Oh well. But Michael Wright, you will be happy
     to know that they  had a piano and she said they _do_ 
     occasionally have  customers sit down and play a tune.

     That sounds nice.  I grew up in a world where you could
     take for granted going into a place and having a conversation.
     That seems like such a simple, ordinary event, doesn't it?
     It never occurred to me that any other state of affairs would 
     develop.  Now I find it a rare gratifying event to find an
     affordable place which doesn't annoy me with a pumped-up
     stereos.   Too bad that they "normally" had the radio on,
     although older country and western would be OK at decent
     volume.   I have no problem listening to Patsy Cline.  She
     will be remembered, I hope, long after Madonna is forgotten,
     and I hope Madonna will be forgotten soon.

     What do "pipedown" cards say?

            -- Michael Wright

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