Quiet-List 1997

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Re: Introducing myself

Hi all,

In response to Peter's request, I thought I'd let you know why I'm
interested in this list.  I am president and founder of a local neighborhood
group in NYC, Neighbors Against N.O.I.S.E. (Noxious Odors Incessant Sounds
and Emissions), which is dedicated to eliminating noise and other pollution
in the Tribeca West Historic District, a small neighborhood in lower
Manhattan.  Our current, primary focus is one building in the center of the
neighborhood that is a major telecommunications hub -- with lots of computer
equipment and thus, many air conditioners and diesel-powered emergency
generators -- that generates and ever-increasing amount of noise.  I am also
a member of the Steering Committee for International Noise Awareness Day, a
project of the Noise Center of the League for the Hard of Hearing, which I'm
sure you observed yesterday.  

I must confess that, while I am concerned about noise and it's impact on
health and quality of life, this is only a small part of my life.
Professionally, I am an organizational development consultant working
primarily with not-for-profit organiations on board development, governance
design, strategic planning, leadership transitions and the like.  I find
that I rarely have anything to contribute to the group, but do enjoy the
disucssions, and especially helpful hints and leads on new resources.

Tim Lannan

Tim <tlannan@pipeline.com>

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