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Re: Conference on Acoustical Violence

In a message dated 97-06-28 06:22:13 EDT, Federico writes:

<< Reading your comment on "MTV Videos Are Highest      
  in Violence.", I remembered  that in Rosario, Argentina, 
   in October, will take place an International Conference 
   concerning Acoustical Violence.
 I wonder if that subject has ever been the sole subject 
 of an entire conference. Does anybody know of any other
  such conference? 
    I suggest you contact Bob Gould, MD, a psychiatrist in 
    New York who has concerned himself with the topic of
    TV violence.  His phone and FAX numbers is 212/535-7275.
     If you want to send a FAX, you have to call him first so 
     he can direct the call to the FAX machine.

           -- Michael Wright
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