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Re: Quiet Quote


>  I would characterize the Vivaldi concerto as a 
>"pleasant distraction" rather than noise in this case, 
>simply because you actually _enjoy listening to it, in spite of 
>its interference with your activity.

O.K. I'll think it over. It's an interestig distinction which I had never
thought of.

> Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "intrinsic" noise.

Intuitively, it's a noise which would annoy everybody, for example the noise
of a pneumatic drill. But I can't take for granted that *nobody* would enjoy
that noise. For example, suppose that sombody has worked for many years with
a pneumatic drill and one day he is fired. During some time he cannot get
another job. He's desperate! Several months later, he's employed by a
company and again he's with his pneumatic drill. Wouldn't that be "music"
for him?


Federico Miyara   

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