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Re: Introducing myself (long)


>To be sure, another artist can come along many years after 
>the creation of a musical piece and add video to it, but is 
>it fair to the original artist and is it confusing, 
>distracting, or satisfying to the audience?

Honestly, all these questions are very difficult to answer. In my opinion,
Walt Disney's Fantasia, for example, is an accomplished piece of "a
posteriori" multimedia art (in spite of my dislike for many other W.D.'s
films). There are some films using music not written specially for that film
which I enjoyed very much. Conversely, there are films with specific music
and I couldn't enjoy neither the film nor the music. But, admittedly, I'm

speaking about my own experience, which not necessarily is the general

Thank you. Regards.

Federico Miyara

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