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Introducing myself Again

I already sent this on April 27, but since others are
doing the same at this time, I am repeating.


I'm Michael Wright of Norman, Oklahoma USA.

Norman is the home of the University of Oklahoma.  As a
college town, its social life is greatly impacted by youth.  This
would be nice, if it weren't for the sad fact that so many of them
are noise-addicted.   It's kind of lonely being an advocate of right-
to-quiet around  here.   I simply don't fit into the modern noise
culture which has been slowly enslaving our society during my
50 years of life on this planet.

I am also an acoustic musician.  Back in the 70s, before the noise
culture had become so strong, in this community I was well-respected 
in that role, and had numerous friends and social contacts who 
admired my work.   Today, ironically, my musical skills are much better, 
but I get much less respect.  I face an entire generation of youth whose
concept of  music has been degraded by mass marketing of anti-musical 
entertainment noise along with the idea that loudness is good.

Recently, I visited a music store which offers only Celtic and classical
music.  Located in the much larger municipality of Oklahoma City, it is
operated by a retired University of Oklahoma music professor.   He had
thought about opening his shop in Norman, but site evaluation research
conducted by business school experts concluded that Norman would not
support such an enterprise.

Sadly, they were probably right.   As a university community, Norman
haughtily promotes itself as a center of enlightenment, refinement, and 
high culture.  Hah !  The city doesn't deserve this reputation.  To the
we find that the degradation of music carried out by mass marketers has
been so successful in poisoning the minds of youth that Norman will not
even support a Celtic and classical music enterprise.

Those who would like to acquaint themselves with my background can
visit my web page.  Be sure to link to my music page also:


Best wishes for peace, tranquility, good conversation, and good music,

   -- Michael Wright

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