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Cairo Noise Crackdown

Today's Dallas Morning News (6/26/97) has an 
AP story about an Egyptian government campaign
to  warn citizens about the "dangers of noise
pollution and [to] soften them up for what it says
comes later:  fines from traffic police and the
newly created environmental  police."

"Noise has become the problem and illness of
the era" says an ad from the Environmental Affairs

The campaign is aimed at reducing the maddening
honking that is a near constant on Cairo streets, the
clanging at construction sites, and the blair of loudspeakers
that broadcast the Islamic call to prayer five times a

The government has banned the import of the loudest
type of auto horns.  

The article did not mention boom cars.  Maybe the 
Egyptians are lucky enough not to have been afflicted
by this plague.

  -- Michael Wright
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