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Re: Introducing myself (2)

In a message dated 97-05-13 23:47:02 EDT, you write:

<< Noise is unique  in its extreme combination of huge impact and 
     minimal restraint.>>

     The above is very well-stated.
 <<...but finally I came to feel that anything as prevalent as noise isn't
 irrational, that in fact noise serves specific, if denied, social purposes,
 all in the area of manipulation, domination, and mind control.  >>

    I think this is largely true, but there are some noises which, although
    disturbing, I am willing to grant as necessary and useful.  The train
    whistle comes to mind.   The noises which trouble me the most,
    and which I believe are the most germane to your statement, are
    those which arise in the sector of voluntary and recreational
    activities.   Stereos are big offenders here.  Among their "social
    purposes" is the fact that for many they are nourishing an addiction.

        -- Michael Wright

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