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Re: Noise Pollution Bibliography

David Staudacher,

>I started out this message as an appeal for people to send me 
>titles for compiling a bibliography of non-technical/general-audience
>books and magazine articles on noise pollution, but after drawing on 
>various resources, I was able to compile this rather extensive list.

I congratulate you for the idea. But I think it would be interesting to
undertake the task of compiling the largest bibliography ever compiled on
noise-related subjects, without puting aside technical subjects. I think it
would be great that such a list were very well organised, possibly with
links, and containing, among other things, inverse references, I mean
readings which mention a given source. That would be useful in order to
select items which have proved to be of far-reaching importance. It would be
also interesting to include references to noise laws, ordinances, bylaws
from different regions of the World, because it is pretty difficult to find
such information. Whenever possible, entries should be commented or annotated.
I know that perhaps I'm dreaming, but somebody has to start dreaming for
things to happen one day!   

>If anyone knows of anything not mentioned here which they would like 
>to include, I'd still like to hear about it.  I'm especially 
>interested in more recent references.  Printed samples would be ideal.

The Noise Pollution Clearighouse has an on-line library in the Internet
which contains literally tens of Mb of more-than-abstracts of many articles
appeared in newspapers and the like all over the World. I even suspect that
in many cases the abstracts contain the full text. The URL is


(on top of its richness, the URL is a quiete short and rememberable one)

Are you interested in english books or other languages (such as french or
spanish) will do?

Thank you for the list.

Federico Miyara

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