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Re: Introducing myself (long)

Just to add a bit to my last post (I was being timed out)...
Peter has had a quote on his home page for quite some 
time now by a fellow named Chesterton I believe. It goes 
something like "Music with dinner is both an insult to 
the cook and violinist". Here we are trying to mix the 
sense of taste with the auditory sense. The two are in 
direct competition with each other. 
 I find the more I like a piece/style of music, the more 
distracted I become from enjoying my dinner.
 With videos its complete sensory overload, particularly 
if the music is very appealing (which it rarely is with 
todays videos). I feel that it's almost sacrilegious to 
combine music with video.

 Eric Greenspoon 
  Vice President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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