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Against noise by educating people

Dear friends,

>>   The kinds of noises which
>>   have troubled me the most have been
>>   recreational.   In these situations the
>>   noise-maker wants to call  attention
>>   to himself by being heard.   These
>>   characters are not going to be buying
>>   NCs, which would defeat their purposes.
>  You've got it right. Society will have to begin to put pressure on 
>  these people to modify their behaviour and quieten their activities.

I think a better approach would be to start again. I mean to incorporate the
subject to the curricula of different educational levels, starting, to be
sure, at kindergarten. For example, teaching kids to be quiet, to appreciate
the soundscape; to walk around the neighborhood listening to every sound, to
every noise; to awaken the amazingly subtle aural perception of human beings.
These activities *need* quietness as a starting point. Later on, at school,
there should be contents pointing towards hearing prophylaxis. Pupils
should, for example, be shown how "large" sound levels (such as  90 dBA
during a few minutes) cause a temporary threshold shift, and how this causes
difficulties to soft-speech intelligibility. 

I'm convinced that noise-makers are so not only to call attention, but
because they know nothig about sound, noise and the like. Very few people do
literally hurt other people just to call attention. They know what the
consequences are. Very few drivers cross the street when the lights are on
red to call attention. Regarding noise, they know nothing. Does anybody ask
anything about noise during driving tests? 

The key word is, then, education.


Federico Miyara

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