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Twin Gods: Money & Rock

Today's student newspaper of the University
of Oklahoma  had  a lead story announcing the 
possibility that the Rolling Stones will be doing 
an outdoor concert in the football stadium this fall.   

The article talked about what a great thing this would
be for the university and the merchants, in terms of 
how much money would be made.  "It's a good thing 
all around,"  said Jim Dunn, who would be the local 
coordinator of the event.

It said that renting the stadium out for rock groups 
could become a regular event.

Of course, the amplifiers at events like this can 
torture everybody who doesn't want to hear it, at 
least within a six-block radius and maybe further.  

The article even carried the suggestion that having
such a distinguished group as the Rolling Stones
would enhance the university's image.  "It will
probably be good for the university's exposure," said
enthusiastic political science sophomore Lorie Hunter.
Hunter also described the Rolling Stones as "gods."

I wonder if a legal injunction could be obtained to block
the use of the stadium for rock concerts.  Does anyone
have any experience with this type of situation?

    -- Michael Wright
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