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Re: NPR in Toronto

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, Annette Feige wrote:

> For Toronto area residents the closest NPR stations are 88.7 FM and 970 AM.
> I recommend 970 AM. The FM station is virtually impossible to receive.
> Annette

  970 AM wouldn't have been a good choice today as "Talk of the Nation" 
wasn't broadcast on that station. 88.7 FM's reception was quite noisy <g> 
but at least the show could be heard. I had to listen in my car as 
reception in my home was very poor.

 Arlene and Nancy are to be congratulated for their guest spots on the show.
Many good points were made overall and the phone-in calls were quite 
constructive. Having recently been on several radio shows I know the 
pressure that these women experienced. Again they were able to handle all 
that came their way with relative ease.
 Unfortunately they didn't get into specifics with respect to noise and 
health and didn't discuss noise "addiction" per se. 

 Eric Greenspoon 
  Vice President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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