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Re: Technology and Coping

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997 17:39:57 -0400, 
futurist@interlog.com  <futurist@interlog.com> wrote:

>At 11:10 AM 6/15/97 EDT, you wrote:
>>I'm glad actually.  I think Carl would have slanted the discussion 
>>toward technological means of "coping" with noise, rather than stopping
>Why do you think that's so bad?

   Perhaps "coping" wasn't the best word to use.  I didn't mean that 
we should ignore or deny technology.  Its just that, as an "acoustics" 
expert, I would expect his position to be that noise is an inevitable 
part of any modern society and that the best solution is to hire 
"experts" like himself to design and install acoustic buffers and 
noise cancellation systems.  He would probably belittle the idea of 
even trying to deal with noise at the source.  After all, if such an 
approach could succeed, folks like him would be out of work.  I'm 
always wary of any "expert" with a vested interest in the status quo.  

   Also, they always tend to intimidate all but the boldest and best 
informed callers.  If anyone dares to disagree with them, they can
always pull out something like, "Are you familiar with the Cambridge
Study?  Well, its very interesting.  You really should read it."

   With just Nancy Nadler and Arlene Bronzaft as guests, I think 
callers will be better able to open up more and express themselves. 
I often think that if only everyone who was bothered by noise would 
just say so loudly, directly, and immediately, shame alone would be 
enough to stop it.

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org 
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