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Re: Technology and Coping

In a message dated 97-06-15 17:45:13 EDT, you write:

<< >I'm glad 
 >actually.  I think Carl would have slanted the discussion toward 
 >technological means of "coping" with noise, rather than stopping it. 
 Why do you think that's so bad?
 Annette >>

   It's a bad approach because the tacit assumption is that
   noise is here to stay, so the solution should be to invent
   a better earplug.

   I think most of the people on this list are interested in
   promoting the idea that excessive noise is a form of
   pollution, and that it needs to be better controlled and
   minimized.   We are also interested in the idea of right-
   to-quiet, and that our neighbors should be restricted 
   regarding the amount of noise they can broadcast into
   the public airs and into our homes.  

   Better earplugs and better noise protection devices are
   not the answer.  The answer is to reduce noise in the
   society.  Personally, I enjoy human conversation, and don't
   like the idea of having to put on earphones in my own house
   so I can filter out unwanted noise and communicate by radio
   with the person sitting across from me.  Is that where the
   "technological solutions" are leading us?

        -- Michael Wright
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