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Re: New (10/96) tougher Boom Car Law in Chicago

In a message dated 97-06-15 11:13:42 EDT, you write:

<<  Now, if a person is driving a vehicle while violating the Sound 
 Device Restrictions, the vehicle is subject to seizure and 
 impoundment. >>

  Great, except I think 75 feet is too lenient.    I suggest
  30 feet.   I have even tested this.  Once I turned on the
  radio of my car at a volume loud enough so that people
  inside the car could easily hear it.

  I left the window rolled down, then paced off approximately
  30 feet before the sound completely disappeared.   A 30-
  foot tolerance would not place anyone playing the radio
  at reasonable volume at risk for legal consequences..

  If it's loud enough to be heard for 75 feet, then it's loud
  enough to annoy a lot of people.   If you're sitting on your
  front porch watching the sunset, unless you have a very
  large front yard you are going to still hear a lot of boom
  cars with a 75-foot tolerance.

     -- Michael Wright

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