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Nature Sounds Society annual Field Workshop

   Don't know if there are any of you who can make it, but here is the
announcement for this year's Field Recording Workshop, June 27-29
sponsored by the Nature Sounds Society.  I note that the workshop will 
include a presentation by Paul Matzner, co-founder of NSS, on the new 
"Quiet Places Campaign".

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    The Nature Sounds Society (NSS) and the Oakland Museum of 
California will present the 13th Annual Field Recording Workshop June  
27 through 29 at the San Francisco State University Field Station at 
Yuba Pass in the Sierra Nevada. The weekend event is open to the 
public, and families are welcome.  Accommodations are comfortable 
tent cabins in a beautiful setting beside the Yuba River. The program 
includes hands-on workshops, multi-media presentations and field 
recording opportunities for beginning and experiencednature sound 
enthusiasts and recordists.

    This year's theme is "A Walk in the Woods with the Nature Sounds 
Society."  Participants will explore new areas of Yuba Pass on foot, 
and also explore the region's resources in presentations that review 
the society's 12-year history of holding workshops there. "This is one 
of the more remote areas of the Sierra, with great beauty and diverse 
habitats," says Paul Matzner, curator of CLNS and co-founder of NSS. 
"It's a rare location where quietude close to human habitation is 
still possible." Yuba Pass is 60 miles north of Truckee, Calif., on 
Highway 49.

    The Nature Sounds Society is an organization dedicated to the 
appreciation and recording of natural sounds and the preservation of 
quiet places.  Cost of the weekend event is $150 for NSS members, 
$165 for non-members, which includes a year's membership in the NSS. 
To register, call the California Library of Natural Sounds (CLNS), a 
division of the Oakland Museum's Natural Sciences Dept., at 
510/238-7482. Space is limited, and early registration is advised.    

    Featured guests include field ornithologist Dr. William Gilbert, 
who will lecture on the birds of Yuba Pass; Dick Hingson, conservation 
coordinator of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club, who will speak 
on quietude and the aircraft overflight issue in Grand Canyon 
National Park; Dan Dugan, an inventor, sound designer and Nagra 
service specialist, who will provide technical assistance in the 
field; and Matzner, co-chair of the Natural Quiet Committee, who will 
present a special program inaugurating the Society's new Quiet Places 

   The aim of the Quiet Places Campaign is to help preserve quiet 
spaces in natural areas of the United States through education on 
issues such as aircraft overflights and their impact. The society 
believes that to be in nature without the intrusion of the sounds of 
human technology is an essential part of the wilderness and outdoor 

   For more information, call the Oakland Museum's California Library 
of Natural Sounds at 510/238-7482.

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