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Artificial Crowd Noise

Hi Folks.

   Here's an item I picked up off the Detroit Free Press Web site 
(www.freep.com).  Since stadium noise was a recent topic on the list, 
I thought this might be worth sharing.  It's certainly the first 
time I've heard of anything like it. 

New Jersey Nets Pumping up the Crowd Noise with Fake Cheers 

March 22, 1997

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- If it seems there's more people cheering the 
NewJersey Nets than there are fans in the stands, there's a simple 
explanation:The basketball team pumps up the volume with crowd noise 
from loudspeakers.Team officials acknowledged the deception Friday 
after it was reported in theNew York Daily News, but they would not 
provide details on how it's done orwhen it began.  "Some of this stuff 
is embarrassing," Coach John Caliparitold the newspaper. "I just shook 
my head. I said, 'Do we need to do that?"'

   The team plays its home games in Continental Airlines Arena, which 
seats 20,049. But with the team mired in 13th place in the National 
Basketball Association's Eastern Division, empty seats are not 
uncommon.  The artificial cheers were noticeable during the Nets' 
99-98 victory over Chicago on March14. They drowned out booing by 
Chicago fans trying to distract Xavier McDaniel, who made four foul 
shots in the final minute to clinch the victory for the Nets."I didn't 
notice that," he said.  "Is that true?"  Said guard Kevin Edwards:  
"I guess it's like a game show, where they have those applause signs."

   While sports teams often use organs, driving rock music and scoreboard
signs to get the crowd pumped up, the Nets appear to be alone in 
admitting to using fake crowd noise.  NBA spokesman Brian McIntyre 
said he knew of no other teams that used artificial crowd noise. He 
said the practice would violate NBA rules if the noise was blared 
during free throw shooting. Otherwise, the home team can broadcast 
whatever it wants over the public address system.   Calipari said the 
Nets' bogus cheers will eventually be silenced.  "One day, you'll say 
it was only three years ago that they were pumping in fake crowd 
noise.  You'll say, 'How far has this organization come?'"

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