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New (10/96) tougher Boom Car Law in Chicago

   Here's something I picked up on a yahoo search of the web using the 
keyword "noise". 

                    Keeping the Peace (and Quiet)
              New Law Targets Cars Playing Loud Music

   If you like to play loud music while you're in your car, you may 
want to think twice before doing so.  Under a new municipal code, you 
risk having your car impounded and paying more than $600 in fines and 
service fees for your first offense.

   Earlier this year, the Chicago City Council passed an amendment to 
the Sound Device Restrictions Section of the Municipal Code of Chicago.
The amendment, which took effect September 21, 1996, increases the 
penalties for noise violations if a person is in a motor vehicle at 
the time.

Before the amendment, the Code stated that if a person with normal hearing
was able to hear music (or other sounds) at a distance greater than 75 feet,
the person playing the music, whether in the vehicle or not, was 
violating the Sound Device Restrictions of the Ordinance.  The fines 
for such a violation were $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second 
offense committed within a one-year period,and $500 for a third or 
subsequent offense committed within a one-year period.

   Now, if a person is driving a vehicle while violating the Sound 
Device Restrictions, the vehicle is subject to seizure and 
impoundment.  In addition to the fines stated above, there is an 
additional $500 fine, plus fees for towing and storing the vehicle.  
An administrative hearing will be held within 30 days of the seizure 
of the vehicle, and any motor vehicle not reclaimed after those 30 
days may be disposed of as an unclaimed vehicle.

   The amended ordinance is contained in  Title 11, Chapter 4, Section 
1115:  Sound Device Restrictions -- Violation -- Penalty of the 
Municipal Code of Chicago.  You can view the Municipal Code at the
Municipal Reference Collection


in the Harold Washington Library.

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org 
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