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RE: Introducing myself

Hello, Eric

> Welcome to the Quiet-list!

Thank you.

> I don't know if you have seen the Vancouver Urban Noise Task Force 
> Report on Noise yet?

Yes, I've already downloaded that document. It is really a marvelous source
of fresh ideas. I'm now looking for two documents: the WHO Noise Criteria
and a 1972 Act from the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA (as well
as its possible amendments and updates).

Regardig the CCAN I have one question or two. Is the CCAN a local or an
international group? If the latter is the case, how could I become a member?
And my organization? Is it possible to create a sort of "local chapter" in
my country or city? Of course I could create a similar organization. What I
mean is to append to a bigger group, with a known structure.  

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.

 Federico Miyara
 Universidad Nacional de Rosario
 Centeno 1217
 2000 Rosario

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