Quiet-List 1997

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Re: Music

Hello, Michael,

   I don't think music is an off-topic in a list about... silence.  
Not only is silence an unseparable part of music (sometimes it *is* 
music, like in Cage's 4'33"), but it is necessary so that music can be 
perceived like something interesting, something different protruding 
from the background of mundane noise. The contradiction arises when 
music--the so called pipemusic--becomes the background. Then something 
seems to be lacking when one really wants to listen to some music, and 
that's the culture medium for the"decibel dance"!      

Regarding sound files, I'd love to listen to them but I've some trouble with
my sound card, so that will have to wait for a while.


 Federico Miyara
 Centeno 1217
 2000 Rosario

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